Meyra Optimus 1 Electric Wheelchair

Meyra Optimus 1 Battery Operated Wheelchair

With the Meyra Optimus series, which unquestionably the world’s best battery-powered wheelchairs, you will feel the power and comfort together. Meyra Optimus will impress you with its engine power, which thanks to its powerful engine and wide wheels makes it the perfect road grip and surpasses the toughest rugged and steep slopes without difficulty. At the same time, with the advanced suspension system, you will  feel the quake  at the lowest level in the toughest and roughest road conditions. Improved shock absorber system and wide wheels of the Meyra battery  operated wheelchair provides this vibrationless drive. Disabled patients who use wheelchair know that quakes of battery operated wheelchair or wheelchairs is very distracting. Meyra Optimus battery operated wheelchairs disqualify this negativeness.

Embrace the Freedom with Meyra Optimus

The Optimus 1 is a battery operated wheelchair made mostly for outdoor use, but you can also use it indoors with its 180 degree swivel feature. The powerful motor brings you freedom of movement as you want it, and it helps you to overcome obstacles beforehand. The Meyra Optimus, which one of the most used battery powered wheelchairs in Germany and many European countries, is tested and quality approved by more than 100,000 people.

Meyra Optimus 1 Features

Speed: Optional 8-10-12 km (kilometers)
45 km range with fully charged battery
150 Kg carrying capacity
Goin up 60 degree ramps without support.
Otomatic release back and release forward preventive system.
Automatic slip and rollover preventive system.
Digital, joystick control that can be attached to the right and left sides as desired.
The front wheels are fixed, the rear wheels move at 180 degrees.
Excellent maneuverability
Double shock absorber system. Even in bad roads the vehicle user will not be disturbed.
Illuminated speed indicator
Illuminated charge indicator
Forward speed, park and reverse gear
Signal lamps and projectors at the 4 corners
Headlamps and rear parking lamps.
Rear Luggage
Pushing and pulling arm (for assistant person)

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