Ottobock A200 Battery-Operated Wheelchair

Ottobock A200

The Ottobock A200 model is at the forefront of Otto Bock’s most preferred battery operated wheelchairs.

The Ottobock A200 is the first choice for users to choose the A200 from Otto Bock, which has the most favorable price tag in terms of price, as well as the fact that the A200 is completely user-friendly.


While in the design phase, the A200 developers have specially developed the design of the A200 in terms of ease of use in tight spaces. A200 The battery-operated wheelchair can easily be divided into four (4) pieces. We refer to images 1 and 2 in the following illustrations.

As you can clearly see in the above pictures, the Ottobock A200 can be divided into four parts in total being as body, back wheels, batteries and piers. Thus, under normal conditions, it is impossible for a battery powered wheelchair to fit in the luggage of the car, but the Ottobock A200 can easily fit into the luggage of any car thanks to the ability to separate them.
In addition, the back seat of the A200 allows the user to adjust the angle in accordance with the user’s request. This feature, which is not available in most battery operated wheelchairs, is another addition that makes the A200 user-friendly.

The A200, which is less than 60 centimeters in overall width, fits comfortably in narrow elevators and has a fascia on almost all doors.

You can see clearly how the Ottobock A200 battery-operated wheelchair can be dismantled and fit in the trunk of the car in the following video.


  • It is easily divided into four pieces so that it can be carried easily in the trunk of the vehicle.
  • The ability to move freely in confined spaces.
  • The ability to surpass the blocks under favour of powered engine.
  • Due to its gel batteries the ability to go long distance with one charge.

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