Ottobock B400 Battery Operated Wheelchair

Ottobock B400

B400 is a product designed by engineers in accordance with their wishes by taking the opinions of direct users. (handicapped)
A name from engineers of the Ottobock B400, during the news release of the chair tells that: “ When we meet with battery operated wheelchair users, they tell us that it is really difficult to find a battery powered wheelchair that can be used both in the house and on the street. Especially due to height of the battery powered wheelchairs are not well adjusted, they indicate it’s difficult to enter under the dinner table in the house or restaurant. At the same time, our users indicate that battery operated wheelchairs are designed for indoor or outdoor use. They highlight that the battery operated chair, which will satisfy their needs, should be used both indoors and outdoors. We prepared B400 battery operated wheelchair in accordance with these user demands.


Ottobock B400, as engineers have explained, is a specially designed model for both domestic and street, hilly, challenging road conditions. The required radius for rotation is 80 CM. This shows how high the maneuverability of the B400 is in the confined spaces. The 50 amperes gel battery allows you to travel for a long time while at the same time you can travel up to 30 kilometers on a single charge. The two small wheels made for security at the rear are intended as a precondition for the rear seat of the battery charger not tilted backwards on the ramp outlets. Thus, you can drive safely with the B400.

We recommend you to watch following video so that you can see how the B400 battery powered wellchair useful in bad and challenging road conditions. As you see the in video above, Ottobock B400, under favour of powerful motor, has the capacity to overcome obstacles without being forced on ramps that are too steep or on uneven road conditions.

General Features of Ottobock B400

Mechanical-upturnable toe panel
Overcoming obstacles device
Hip belt
Mechanical tilt position
Back angel adjustment
Front wheel stabilising mechanism
Gel batteries

Seat size-small:
Seating width: 38-42 cm
Seating depth: 38-46 cm
Seat size-big:
Seating width: 43-48 cm
Seating depth: 42-50 cm

Technical Features of Ottobock B400

Maximum Speed: 7.2 km/h
Battery capacity: 50 Ah
Distance: 30 km
Max filling capacity time: 10 h
Load capacity: 140 kg
Dead weight: 90 kg
Overcoming obstacles: 5 cm
Climbing: 12%
Width: 58 cm
Foot panel included length: 106 cm
Rotating radius: 80 cm
Seat height (without pillow): 43 cm
Seating width: 38 – 48 cm
Seating depth: 38 – 50 cm
Seat angle adjustment: 0 ° / 3 ° / 6 °
Armrest height: 21 – 32 cm
Arm support length: 26 cm
Backrest height: 45/55 cm
Backrest width: 40/44 cm
Backrest angle: -9 ° / 1 ° / 11 ° / 21 ° or 0 ° / 10 ° / 20 ° / 30 °
Under knee foot length: 25 – 34 cm
Case color: black

Warranty Terms of Ottobock B400

All of our products are covered by supplier’s guarantee as 2 year product and 10 year spare parts guarantee. In case of any problems related to warranty coverage during the initial delivery of the product, you can send the product to our company within 5 business days, with the contracted cargo of our company and the cargo fee belonging to us. On-site service is provided in case of any problem with the warranty or if it is necessary. Or you may be requested to send the whole or the required part of the product by cargo to the address of the nearest authorized service point to be indicated. In case of delivery of any product or part other than our contracted cargo, the cargo customer shall be entitled. Please contact us for address and other information before submitting products.

All our products purchased over the internet can be returned within 10 days without showing any reason. The scope of this warranty is valid if the product you have received has not been used by you and has not been damaged in any way. In case of reasonless return due to distant sales the cargo price belongs to customer.


OttoBock branded battery chairs with Ottobock A200 with the most sold and the most popular product. The reason why so many Ottobock B400s are sold and liked is that the B400 is affordable as well as the mechanical and technical considerations we consider above.

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