Ottobock B500 Battery Operated Wheelchair

Ottobock b500

Ottobock B500 . Sit back now and enjoy the comfort of the Ottobock B500 battery operated wheelchair. The B500 is an upgraded version of Ottobock B400, a subset of Ottobock. While developing the B500, the Ottobock company developed the B500 to make a more perfect battery operated wheelchair, taking into account the shortcomings of the B400 model.


The Ottobock B500 battery operated wheelchair allows the user to sit comfortably by lying on the back of the chair and straightening the legs. Thus, even if you stay on B500 for hours, you will have the opportunity to relax and relax by lying on the sofa, without falling from your battery powered wheelchair, thanks to the backrest feature. The key point in the logic of safe driving, the technical name of which is a spider wheel and consists of a total of six wheels, is the two small wheels behind the wheelchair. The battery-operated chair is a safety measure designed to prevent the chair from tipping over to the rear when the ramps are sloping or when lifting out.
Besides all of these, the B500 is very easy to maintain and clean. The withdrawal feature of the battery compartments provides the user convenience in battery maintenance and new battery installation. The vehicle has long-lasting LED backlight illumination. We are proud of a long-life battery thanks to Ottobock B500 gel batteries which can go up to 35 kilometers in test driving conditions.

The B500 features do not stop there either! Safe and comfortable driving both inside and outside. Its wide maneuverability makes it possible to return to the ballet in narrow spaces. You can have more insight into the B500 visually by looking at the video below.

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