Ottobock C1000DS

Ottobock C1000DS

Ottobock C1000 DS Featured Battery Operated Wheelchair

Are you looking for a battery operated wheelchair with many features? In that case, the Otto Bock C1000 DS model wheelchair is for you. One touch back to the seat joystick, the ability to swivel in place (360 degrees rotation) and powerful engine, the ability to overcome obstacles and much more is available in the Ottobock C1000DS battery operated wheelchair.

General Overview to Ottobock C1000DS Features

Joystick: With Enable50 joystick you can fully control the wheelchair. Menu navigation icons have intuitive detection and operation features. This gives you full control over the OttoBock C1000 DS with a touch of the control bar. The control bars of some wheelchairs do not make the commands given exactly. Whereas, the Ottobock C1000DS provides you with 100% control over the battery-powered chair with the latest technology control panel.


The seat slope against gravity slip is set at 45 degrees. The electric seat tilt provides a comfortable and ergonomic stand, so you can rest your spine tilted backwards when sitting on the chair for a long time. Maximum ergonomy, maximum pleasure, maximum comfort with Ottobock C1000DS.

The LED backlight integrated behind the battery charger is an important safety feature that allows you to be noticed by other vehicles when you are driving at night.



With the Ottobock C1000DS you will feel the full power. You can even drive in the mountains with the C1000DS, which has a far greater power than the power it should have on a battery-powered chair. With this feature, the C1000DS, which is a full outdoor battery powered wheelchair, can turn 360 degrees with ease, even in the tightest spaces.

To see the performance of the Ottobock C1000DS on the outside and the sharp turns it makes in narrow spaces, it will be enough to watch the following video.

The above video does not give us the right to say more about C1000DS. As you can see clearly in the video, the C1000DS, produced with German quality, looks like a battery operated wheelchair made of space technology.

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