Ottobock C2000 Electric Wheelchair

Ottobock C2000

With the Ottobock C2000 it is possible to go longer distances and to drive safely and comfortably. If you want to travel in nature, travel for peace and security without the harsh and rugged road conditions, you can easily do it with OttoBock C2000 at speeds up to 10 kilometers per hour.

Features of Ottobock C2000 Electric Wheelchair

Depending on demand, you can set the C2000 to the front yard friend traction. The innovative joystick self-balances your ride comfortably, even when your wheelchair is shaken on uneven road conditions thanks to its innovative power steering (joystick). The hydraulic joystick also provides a comfortable maneuver in tight spaces (such as at home, shopping malls, restaurants, etc.). The Ottobock C2000 has the ability to turn wherever it is, narrow corridors, elevator entrances, etc. millimetric rotation, such as a millimetric rotation in the areas where you need to provide convenience.

Electrical Seat Height Adjustment

The power seat height adjustment of up to 400 mm compensates for height differences and provides communication at eye level. For the home environment, you can easily reach shelves, bookshelves, wardrobes in the kitchen.

The standard luggage rack at the rear of the Ottobock C2000 allows you to carry your personal belongings when you shop.
Depending on demand, you may prefer one of the series of C2000s reaching 6 kilometers per hour, 10 kilometers per hour. It has a long life battery capacity thanks to the 94 amperes gel battery. With a single charge, the Ottobock c2000 takes you up to a full 50 km range. Note: This 50 km range has been tested under test conditions. This range can come down to 40 kilometers when you’re on a ramp.

It has a carrying capacity of up to 160 kg.

As you can see from the above features, the features of the Ottobock C2000 battery operated wheelchair are far superior to those found in a battery-powered wheelchair. You can check out the video below for indoor,outdoor and terrain conditions performances of C2000 that has much more quality than the products that sold in Turkey and Europe battery operated wheelchair market.

The Ottobock C2000 takes you wherever you want without being stuck in sand, gravel, mud and high pavement obstacle, without skidding.

The C2000 is enough for those who want more from a battery-powered wheelchair and those who are fond of freedom.

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