Ottobock Juvo Battery Operated Wheelchair


The Ottobock Juvo, the new generation of Ottobock battery powered  wheelchair, is the latest model of ottobock battery operated wheelchairs. Because Juvo is the latest model, it is a product that eliminates the defects found in all other models produced under the name of OttoBock brand. This wheelchair model is, so to speak, the wheelchair model of the company that made the announcement as “perfect battery operated wheelchair”.

The Ottobock Juvo offers a personalized battery-powered chair with optional features. Depending on your request you can choose your seat as “front-wheel drive” or if you want “rear-wheel drive”. You can choose the speed you want: Speed: 6 / 7.2 / 10/14 km.

Optional seat selection. Juvo promises comfortable seating. Choosing the right seat for each body shape is available with vario, sofa, sofa package and seat cushion options. Ottobock Juvo will not compromise on security. Juvo forces the boundaries of technology for your safety. Juvo is a complete and perfect safe wheelchair with anti-roll wheels, vibration reduction, automatic speed reducer on sloping and tramp tracks, gyroscope module and rotary lock system.


Speed: 6/10/14 km / h

Battery capacity: 53 Ah (C5) AGM / 62 Ah (C20) AGM (basic equipment)

Range: 35 km (according to ISO 7176-4)

Check VR2 or Ottobock TEN °

Maximum Loading Chassis size 1: 140 kg

Chassis size 2: 160 kg

Overruns Front Traction: 100 mm

Rear drive: 65 mm, optional 100 mm

Classification (ISO 7176-2) 10 ° / 17%

Overall width chassis size 1: 600 mm

Chassis size 2: 640 mm

Seat height (depending on seat solution) 410 – 550 mm

Seat width 340 – 560 mm

Seat depth 340 – 500 mm, VAS up to 580 mm

Rear angle 0 ° to + 30 °

Seat slop 45 ° electric

Seat slop -3 ° / 0 ° / 3 ° / 6 °

Rear height 450/550 mm

Arm rest height 225 – 350 mm

Lower leg length 250 – 540 mm

Charging time max. 12 hours

Weight: 107 kg

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