The Best 5 Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lift is a vital equipment which makes your life more comfortable. Wheel chair lifts are mechanical platforms that make rise the wheelchair to vehicle and land to ground. You can see in this article several types of these wheelchair lifts for vehicle. If you are ready to see the wheelchairlifts let’s take a look below then:

wheelchair lifts

1-Dual Hydraulic Lift Arms-Braun Century Series

You can see here a design that with dual hydraulic lift arms. It has a simple electrical system keeps wheelchair secure on the lift platform. You can find a quality wheelchair lift for van in Braun.

2-Millenium Series-Braun Dual Post Wheelchair Lift

This millenium series provide to park in tight place easily. It has side entry platform for tight places. It never becomes old and tested to against time. You can trust this exterior wheelchair lift.

3-Under Vehicle Lift-Braun

This lift for wheelchair mounted under your vehicle. It does not take up space and is ideal for cargo. It’s available for your family and every journey.

4- Ricon Slide Away Wheelchair Lifts-Clearway

There is a really powerful automatic wheelchair lift. It can fold with push of a button and it leaves the doorway opened. It has a strong steel construction and hydraulic pump that provides to work fast and secure. Handrails on the frame make you feel more comfortable and provides security. Clearway lift has nonslip floor and platform. You can also see the powerful in Ricon brand the wheelchair lifts for vehicles.

5-AmeriGlide Wheelchair Lifts

Do you want a useful wheelchair lift? Then you can take a look also AmeriGlide wheel chair lift for van. There are various and several models in this brand. You can see them with details in the brand store. Interior and exterior wheelchair lift solutions for handicapped in AmeriGlide brand and web site.

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