The World’s Lightest Wheelchair Panthera X

Panthera X Active Wheelchair

Panthera X is the lightest and best active wheelchair in the world with a carrying weight of 2.1 kg. There is no need to mention too much about X made from carbon fiber material! For passionate people who want to use the best and most active chair in the world…

Accessory Options: Seating cushion, carbon fender, back handle, backpack, protection tapes, transfer protectors and other personal solutions.

Panthera X Active Wheelchair

General Features of The World’s Lightest Wheelchair


  • It aims not to limit the user but to maximize its limits!
  • All the ergonomic details that make Panthera the best active chair in the world are offered to the user of the X model.
  • It wants that chair percolates with tiny movements, fly into a passion with a too little energy,reassure to its user and
  • Panthera means pushing the borders! It is a wonderful design that presents all control to the user, makes feel the power on his fingers, but also flows like water.
  • As with every Panthera model, the flavor of X can only be reached when it is used! It is understandable how different from all the other active boats, but when you sit on it! There is only one word to say for Panthera’s maneuverability is: “perfect”.
  • With the weight that starting from 2,1 kg, it is very easy to transfer into the vehicle.

Who should choose the X model?

  • Have used active wheelchair before, experienced ones.
  • Those who know their own mobility.
  • Have a large scale idea of how the wheelchair should be.
  • Excited ones about using the wheelchair as a part of their body and willing to maximize their performance.
  • Those who can use the advantage of carrying weight of 2.1 kg in daily life routine should choose the X mode.

Who should choose the Panthera and why?

  • Users who are confident, do not like borders and prefer to see the wheelchair as a solution, not as an obstacle, should choose Panthera.
  • The people who want to come to the forefront themself not wheelchair. The persons who care simplicity not the accessories that decelerate the movement should use the Panthera.
  • You should absolutely try and evaluate the device which you will live on it for a long time. That’s why we offer you to live this experiment in our showroom.

Details about X

*It is the world’s best and lightest active wheelchair with its unique chassis and carrying weight of 2.1 kg.
*The carbon fiber material used in production gives Panthera X incredible lightness and durability.
* The lightness and rigidity of the chassis bring the ride of Panthera X to a fantastic level.
* Even removing this chair and putting it in the car is an unique experience.
* The back angle can be adjusted and the back height can be selected between 22-35 cm (in 1 cm increments).
* The stand height can be adjusted. Ayaklıklar ve çevirme çemberleri ultra hafif titanyumdan üretilmiştir.
* The back angle is easily adjustable from 4.5 ° to 11.5 °.
* It has soft padded black upholstery.
* Velcro straps and strain adjustable backrest provide all the support needed for the user’s seating position.
* The seating angle is 7°.
* The seating depth can be adjusted between 35-46 cm by sliding the velcro strap on the seating floor.


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